School Update - 5th September 2021

Happy New Year

All systems are go! We are set and ready to welcoming everyone back to school from Monday 6th September.

We are looking forward to a much more 'normal' school year. Although the future has some degree of uncertainty we are trying to get back to how things used to be.

The gate opens to everyone at 8:50am - this is the 'side gate' that we always used before COVID and where KS2 have been entering. The service yard is not being used. Only children will enter through the gates in the morning - parents are welcome to come into the grounds to say farewell at the gate.

All children will finish at 3:15pm. Parents can collect from the playground.

Read our 'welcome back' letter with more details by clicking below...

Breakfast and after school club open from day one. After school sports clubs will hopefully return from 4th October.

Previous information shown below...

Changes to School Operations following UK move to Step 4

On Monday 19th July the country moves to Step 4 of Coronavirus Restrictions with greater freedoms on mixing.

Please do not come to school if you have any symptoms/illness, have had a positive test or have been instructed to isolate by NHS Test and Trace.

From 16th August the requirement for children (and double jabbed adluts) to isolate if having contact with a positive case is removed. This will hopefully mean less disruption to the school operation. There could still be restrictions imposed on a local level if case numbers are high.


Transport. Please try to find alternatives to using cars. There is limited space for parking and walking, cycling or scootering is better for health.

If you have to come in the car then....

Try parking further away (eg Wouldham rec) and walk the last bit.

Treat Worrall Drive as a one-way circuit - accessing it from Keepers Cottage Lane so that you only park on the left hand side of the road facing the roundabout - this will stop any need for dangerous U turns outside school. 

Do not stop on zig zag markings or turn in the school gateways. This is very dangerous and we must avoid any vehicle versus child incidents!

Breakfast and After-school Club

Before and after school childcare continues as before. It MUST be booked and paid in advance so that we can ensure spaces are available. We also need to carefully manage groups to avoid mixing. 

Bookings are made through the Eduspot Schoolmoney website which you can link to below...

As places are limited and need to be pre-booked and paid for there won't be any refunds or credits given for not attending booked sessions. It may be possible to 'un-book' a place by contacting the office but this needs to be at least one school day before the booking.

All childcare must be booked online. It won't be possible to phone and request a space.

Our approach to remote learning is detailed below (click the image).

Dealing with emotions and behaviour can be tricky in normal times and even more so at the moment.

In school we make use of a system called 'Zones of Regulation'.

This uses colours to help identify how we are feeling and what we may do to improve things.

Click on the picture below to find out more.

Other resources that you may find useful after reading this information can be found below.

The NHS advice on when to isolate and for how long can be accessed by clicking the picture below.

What does Covid-19 look like? How do I know if we've got it?

Click below for the latest guidance...

Remote Education

Access to Internet

Coronavirus Food Vouchers

Coronavirus Visitor Arrangements

Arrival and Collection

Happy New Year

September Timings

Coronavirus Kent test

Key Worker Update

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