School Status Update - December 1st 2020

Swan Class bubble reopens on Monday 7th December.

Raven Class bubble has closed today and will reopen on Monday 14th December.

Cases in Medway are very high and rising. Tonbridge and Malling is lower but still above the national average. Infection can spread rapidly and this is being seen in many schools around the Medway area. 

So far, both our bubbles have burst following one positive case in each class. Children from other classes may have been asked to isolate following our tracing of close contacts. The school will contact parents by text as soon as we know there is a case. We will also update the front page of our website - Please do not accept other sources of information as this can cause confusion. Following initial reports of a case we may also need to isolate additional groups as they may have been in contact. These precautions may later be released once close contact tracing has been completed.

We are also losing staff members to isolation and may need to have temporary closures of some school activities where we can't arrange alternative cover. 

The situation changes very very quickly and very unpredictably!



What you need to do to keep everyone safe

The school has hundreds of people coming to the site everyday and this means there is a higher risk of transmission. The school has many protocols and routines in place to keep everyone safe but we also need all parents to do their bit as well.

If you have anyone in your household with symptoms then stay away and get a test. Do not send any of your family into the school until you have got a negative result.

Please do not arrive for drop off or collection before your published time. This is especially so for those using the service yard on Worrall Drive. If you are in the car and slightly early then remain in your car until your alotted time.

Do not mix with others whilst waiting or afterwards - keep your distance from other parents (as hard as this is).

Only one parent at drop off and collection please.

We have had cases where families walking together or even just queuing next to each other have had to isolate.

Once you have collected then please leave immediately. This will keep you, your children, our staff and everyone else safer.

We also need to introduce a single queue on the right-hand side of the service yard gates - we will signpost this to begin with.

Keep the left-hand side of the path in front of school clear.

Please can all adults wear face masks when around the school. There will be no entry into the school grounds without a face mask.

We can't wait for things to return to normal - we appreciate how challenging it is for all. Please consider that the school team are putting themselves and their families at increased risk by being here for you. Please don't add to the stress and strain by not following the above instructions. Thank you.

If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive you must self-isolate for 14 days. The whole household only needs to isolate if everyone has had close contact with that person. If your child hasn't had the contact then they are fine to be in school. Getting a negative test doesn't release you from self-isolation as you may well develop the virus after the test.

Anyone in your household developing symptoms means that all of you must isolate and await a test result. Children must be kept at home. A negative test will release you as long as you haven't had any contact with postive cases.

If a parent thinks they should get a test this means you should keep your children away from school until you have the result. The exception to this is where you may be required to have random testing in line with your work or as part of wider community testing.

If you feel you may have picked up Covid then don't risk spreading it into the school - we would rather you isolate your child for a day or two than have to close other classes for two weeks!

Please make sure you have read our quick reference guide. Click the picture below.

Self-isolation is a bind - we know. It is important to keep everyone safe and prevent transmission of the virus.

The NHS advice on when to isolate and for how long can be accessed by clicking the picture below.

Any children needing to remain at home can access learning through the remote learning pages available on the website. Click the picture below for the link.

The Friday afternoon early pick up has been really effective at releasing teachers to be able to deliver and support catch up groups across the school. This will continue to the end of this term but not into January. If you need Friday afternoon childcare then please complete the request here

Wednesday 2nd December sees our local area move into Tier 3 restrictions. Read what that means below...

Christmas will be very different at school this year - we won't be carrying out traditional nativity shows or carol concerts. We will be doing alternatives and will keep you posted - but there won't be any dates to book in your diaries for visiting the usual activities. Christmas jumper day will happen but we're making it last a whole week! Children can wear Christmas jumpers from Monday 14th December - we just ask for a donation to the charity. Hopefully new jumpers can be found and bought before then!

Walking is the best way of getting to and from school and hopefully this can form part of your daily lockdown exercise routines - it also reduces the number of cars trying to park. We have been working with Trenport, KCC HIghways and the local construction companies to address issues of large vehicles making deliveries down Worrall Drive at school start and finish times as well as parking. This is far more complicated than you might imagine. Part of the problem is parents driving and parking badly (we've had complaints and concerns from people not part of the school) and especially causing obstruction by carrying out three point turns opposite the school. Please treat Worrall Drive as a one way system - entering from Keepers Cottage Lane so that you arrive at the school on the correct side of the road. This will mean a better flow of traffic and reduce constrictions going the opposite way.

Remember to keep dogs out of the service yard please - if you're combining the school run with dog walkies then please say your goodbyes at the gates.

Also, please remember that if you are waiting to drop your child or are in the queue for pick up in the Hall Road lay-by please turn off your engine to cut the  amount of pollution and help improve the air quality being breathed in by the children and adults in that area.

What does Covid-19 look like? How do I know if we've got it?

Click below for the latest guidance...

Arrival and Collection Times

At the moment the times are remaining the same as last term. We may need to review timings to reduce adult crowding if this seems to be an issue. Hopefully not.

Breakfast and After-school Club

Before and after school childcare continues as before. It MUST be booked and paid in advance so that we can ensure spaces are available. We also need to carefully manage groups to avoid too much mixing. 

Bookings are made through the Eduspot Schoolmoney website which you can link to below...

As places are limited and need to be pre-booked and paid for there won't be any refunds or credits given for not attending booked sessions. It may be possible to 'un-book' a place by contacting the office but this needs to be at least one school day before the booking.

All childcare must be booked online. It won't be possible to phone and request a space.

Coronavirus Food Vouchers

Coronavirus Visitor Arrangements

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September Timings

Coronavirus Kent test

Isolation guidance

Friday afternoon childcare request

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