Remote Learning

The Summer Break

Although the school is now closed for the summer you don't need to stop learning! Every day is a school day and we all hope you manage to get out and about exploring and seeing new things. 

Reading is really important and below are two activities to give a go. Be a 'reading pirate' and follow the treasure map! Libraries aren't fully open as normal but still available to access books - you need to book online and then collect your take out!

The reading together challenge is great for the whole family to take part in.

Introducing new classes

We welcome Mr Trevallion and Miss McCarney as new class teachers for September. Mr Trevallion will be leading Goldfinch Class (Yr2) and Miss McCarney in Robin Class (Yr3). Don't worry - Mrs Goddon and Mrs Hayes haven't gone anywhere! They will still be leading their families and supporting the 'catching up' process.

Take a look at your new class message by clicking the picture below... 

Teachers are no longer setting or reviewing activities for their classes but the resources like Purple Mash, Mathletics, Bug Club etc are still open for you to use. The team are really looking forward to seeing you all in person in September.

Early Years Key Stage 1 Osprey


Lower Key Stage 2 Upper Key Stage 2 Worship




At the moment there is so much information and headline news and the thought of change coming again that our feelings and emotions go into overdrive!

The biggest message out at the moment is that all these feelings are ok and that with the changes we have made to our everyday lives, it would be very strange not to be feeling low, anxious and upset to name but a few emotions and feelings. Focusing on our health and well-being is important and even more so in these times of uncertainty.

We just wanted to share some of the top tips that we have been sent and link some of the websites we have been sent as well.

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