Baton Relay Paddlesport Session

Commonwealth Games Baton Relay

The baton relay is visiting Tonbridge on Thursday 7th July and our school has been invited to take part in the celebrations to mark its journey through Tonbridge.

This is happening next week on Thursday 7th July. This is the day most of our Year 6 children are visiting secondary schools but from our understanding your child is with us on the day and so we want to take them along. This is a very rare opportunity and not to be missed!

It also happens to be one of our paddlesport days and so we will combine the two - especially as the relay is going alongside the river which means we will get a much better view!

The bad news - it means an early start! We need to be in Tonbridge before road closures and with enough time to get ready and out on the river. We need to leave school at 7:30am! Sorry! If you are keen for your child to take part then please complete this form and submit asap!

Usual paddlesport clothing, full change (including footwear) and towel needed. Sun cream, coat, packed lunch, drinks bottle. We'll return to school for the end of the normal day.

Thank you.

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