On-site Outdoor Activities

We are fortunate to have Mr Gary Blumsum working on the team who is a very experienced outdoor learning instructor.

To enhance our curriculum and provide additional opportunities for the children we organise on-site outdoor learning sessions for children in Years 4, 5 & 6. These are additional to the off site trips that also take place.

Gary will have a small group of children for a half-day session on a Thursday. The activities will be varied and include bush craft, navigation, cycling, problem solving, outdoor safety and much more. Although mainly happening on the school site there may be a few times where we leave the site and venture into the surrounding areas.

Each child will get both a separate morning and an afternoon session spread over a five-week period. Please note that it is not the whole class each week so friends may not be at the same time. 

Term 1 : Nightingale 

Term 2 : Magpie

Term 3 : Jackdaw

Term 4 : Raven

Year 6 will start their sessions towards the end of Term 4

Your child will need to bring outdoor clothes (that are warm and can get dirty) including waterproof coat. Suitable footwear – trainers or boots which can be used for exploring through shrubs and long grass as well as for riding bikes are recommended. All activities can be completed in school uniform but may get dirty and return home smelling of bonfire if doing campfire activities!

There is no charge for this activity.

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