Key Stage Two Outdoor Learning

We have operated Forest School for some time and it is likely that your child experienced this in previous years. We have increased our opportunities for Key Stage 2 children (Years 3, 4, 5 & 6) following the pandemic. We will now run two sessions of off-site activity on both Mondays and Tuesdays. This means each class will get more opportunities over the year than they would otherwise have had.

We will let you know when your child's class is going.

Our 'resident' outdoor learning instructor, Gary Blumsum, will be leading class sessions in a range of locations throughout the year. For example, we are starting off at Shorne Wood County Park. We are working on a range of activities and skills through varied experiences making sure there will be progression as the children move through their school years.

Children will need suitable warm outdoor clothing, footwear and a waterproof coat as we will venture out in all weathers. Children may well get wet and muddy! The session may be morning or afternoon and could change week to week so please have your child come to school in normal uniform but bring their outdoor clothes with them. They can then get changed at school. Those attending the afternoon session will probably return home in their outdoor gear. We will also organise some full day sessions during the year and this means a packed lunch will be needed - we'll let you know when this applies and in these cases it is sensible to come dressed for action.

We have been making use of Shorne Wood Country Park but will likely make use of other locations too. Transport will be using our minibuses.

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