Mobile Phone Parental consent form

We do not believe that pupils require access to mobile phones at school.  We do acknowledge that some parents/carers may consider that their child needs to bring a phone into school because of special circumstances eg walking to or from school without adult supervision or going home with another parent etc.

Phones should only be brought in for children in Years 5 and 6.  If your child is younger than this please speak to the class teacher in the first instance.

If this applies to your child please complete the online permission to agree to the terms and conditions:


If you have any queries regarding this please speak to the school office in the first instance.  

Name of child::
Child's class:
Make and model of mobile phone:
I agree to the following terms::
The phone will not be switched on within the school building or grounds
The phone will be appropriately named and handed to the classroom staff first thing in the morning
The school bears no responsibility for the loss or damage to a mobile phone
Should your child be found using their phone inappropriately, the school reserves the right to withdraw this privilege and they will no longer be able to bring the phone into school
If attending a club after school, the phone will be handed back by class teacher at 3.15 pm and should be put in school bags whilst at the club
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