About Us

A very warm welcome to Wouldham All Saints School!

Whether you are already connected with our fabulous school or just ‘browsing through’ it is great to have you visit us.

Our school is all about teaching you to FLY HIGH!

If you like learning whilst having lots of fun, enjoy being challenged, are prepared to give everything your very best then you need to be part of our school!

Our Vision and Values


At Wouldham All Saints we will work hard at getting everyone to fly HIGH.

This means we are…

HAPPY to be God’s special children…

IMPROVING all of the time…

GOOD at communicating…

…have HIGH expectations of ourselves and each other.

Together we aim to ‘MAKE OUR BEST OUR STANDARD.’


Wouldham All Saints Church of England Primary School was originally founded in 1865 by the Reverend Frederick Boyd for the good of the community of Wouldham. We continue to advance the nature of this foundation by preparing our children for a successful future – equipped with the skills and values needed to be competent citizens of the 21st Century.

Being confident, resilient, articulate, knowledgeable, caring, healthy, adaptable and responsible means you are 'well-rounded' and able to make a good contribution to society.

But why should we bother?

God's call through Jesus Christ is to accept all have fallen short and demonstrate selfish behaviours that need to be changed. Following the example of Jesus we should 'Love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind and love our neighbours as we love ourselves.' (Matthew 22)

The bible is full of examples, stories and messages on this theme offering guidance and example on how to live our lives.

Loving God as commanded and loving each other leads us to a life of fulfillment. Do we need any more than this? Why not just live out this message apart from school?

Why do we need to be here?

Wouldham All Saints School is part of a community operating within a complex, established society that needs to sustain itself and have understanding of 'self' and history to avoid the growth of ignorance.

John 10 sees Jesus describe himself as a shepherd – a leader and guardian of a group of sheep. He watches over them and allows them to grow into their ultimate purpose (in sheep terms that's fleece and meat!). He goes on to say '…through me ...all can have life and have it to the full!'

We follow this vision and strive to succeed in all achieving it for themselves but also for others to flourish around them as well. The 'life to the full' must be universal and not at the expense of others!


To achieve our vision we 'Fly HIGH' as described already. This is our school response to God's calling and as it is God's work we expect to witness the Holy Spirit working through us and producing fruit as explained in Galatians 5. The Fruits of the Spirit are our core school values.


Our vision is worked out practically – a vision of words is more than useless and without value – to realise our vision successfully we work hard through worship, prayer and biblical meditation. All combining to drive our success as a modern church school.

Our core values - the ‘Fruits of the Spirit’ detailed in Galatians 5.










We work hard at incorporating all of these into everything we do. All children are encouraged to think about how their behaviours and attitudes reflect these values and how they contribute to learning as well as how we relate to one another.


Wouldham All Saints CEP School seeks to....

… Provide a high quality learning experience that enables all children to feel valued and welcomed as part of the school family. We set and maintain high expectations in standards of achievement and behaviour and then share these clearly with all concerned. We teach lessons that are well planned, exciting and accessible to all abilities. We focus our teaching on the ‘whole child’ through a stimulating, varied curriculum that allows for the equal development of academic, physical, spiritual, emotional, moral and cultural aspects.

As a Church of England school, the values underpinning our aim are those of the Christian faith and we seek opportunities for children to explore a love of God and a love for others. As a result, our daily worship is a significant part of our regular routines.

At Wouldham All Saints Church of England Primary School we form partnerships with parents to encourage good communication that keeps people well informed about a child’s learning. This enables all children to make recordable and appropriate progress as they enjoy their journey through the school.

We strive for a state of continuous improvement that allows for all of our family members to build on their successes and strengths whilst minimizing and supporting any weaknesses. We maintain a central position in the local community, providing quality opportunities for the development and nurturing of positive attitudes towards lifelong learning for all.

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