Key Stage 2 Victorian Day

Term 2 Theme: Great Expectations.


  Next Term, in Key Stage 2 we will be learning about the Victorians and the impact this   period of history had on our transport, holidays, and Christmas – to name just a few!


  To start our topic off, we are going to encourage children to dress up   as a Victorian child.  We are going to begin the    term with classrooms set up in  Victorian style and lessons will be conducted in this way (Don’t tell the children,  but     they might find it a bit harsher than today’s classroom rules!!)  Of course, we will not be caning or punishing the        children physically but we hope every child will enter into the spirit of the environment- teachers will be too!


We would like to encourage all Junior children to come to school dressed up on   Monday 29th October.  Please do let the class teacher know if your child isn’t able  To dress up, so that we can find some clothes/ accessories for them to ensure they are included.


  Half Term History challenge:

   Here are some questions you and your child might like to find out about before our

   term starts…


·         When was the Victorian period and what do we know about Queen Victoria?

·         Who was Charles Dickens and why is he associated with Rochester and Kent?

·         What more than doubled in Britain during the Victorian era?

·         What was the Penny Post? Can you draw a picture of it?

·         What could you do with a Penny Farthing?

·         What is Thomas Twyford remembered for?

·         Design and make a poster about what YOU would like to find out about the Victorians. Bring it in to            school to show us!


Thank you for supporting us!

The Keystage 2 Teachers.